Modula Storage Systems

Modula is an automated vertical storage system with a series of trays which
is designed to optimise space,work and warehouse management.
It is the ideal solution for issues surrounding the management,
picking and retrieval of components, as well as semi-processed and finished
products, in a diverse range of Industries and applications.

By utilising the available height of the building, the Modula vertical
automated storage system allows you to revolutionise your internal
logistics, reducing the footprint requirements of traditional shelving
and racking with the introduction of an automated picking system based
on the goods-to-man principal.
The Modula automated storage system saves you time and helps reduce personnel
required for picking operations: the material is stored inside the trays of the Vertical
Lift System (VLS) and traced automatically.

The trays are picked up by an automatic lift and delivered to the picking bays.

Utilising quick and easy picking operations, the material is retrieved and
brought to the operator

The picking access bays can be customised in four different configurations
depending on the needs of each individual automatic warehouse
and automated storage system: depending on the available floor space, you can
set up a single or dual, internal or external bay.

Your advantages with Modula products:
Recover Floor Space
Save Time
Goods Security
Operator Safety and Ergonomics
Custom Configurations
Error Reduction and Stock Management
Maximum Payload
Dedicated Software
Simple to use

Furthermore, you have many accessory options:
Visual Aids for
User Authentication
Order Picking Solutions
Options to improve Productivity
Tray Accessories
Bay Option