Modula Storage Systems

Modula Lift

The best vertical lift module to recover space and increase security.
Introsuced on the market 30 years ago. Modula Lift is amongst the most reliable a´nd advanced on the market.

Technical Data

Modula is the ideal solution to store any industrial product components or spare parts in all possible
industrial environments, industries and departments.
Many companies have chosen Modula to re-organise and improve the workflow due to its flexibility, the wide range
of models, the design and ease of use.
The sofware can be used with Modula or as a stand-alone system that manages all possible warehouse operations
or a combination of both. To gain the most benefit from yout Modula and increase your productivity, we offer a wide range of accessories.

Modula Lift is available in the following models:



90.000 KG of c

Modula OnePick

Automation at the highest level with the new vertical warehouse OnePick.
Its automatic bay does not require operators.

OnePick is a Modula Lift automatic warehouse with a special picking bay equipped with a Cartesian robot moving along 2 axes (X and Y).
The bay is set at a predefined height so it integrates seamlessly with rollers, conveyours,
belts an other systems completely automatically.
In the OnePick bay, a gripper device retrieves the box and places it in front of the bay on a surface external to the machine.

Technical Data

OnePick combined with a handling system allows installation of an automatic vertical warehouse even in areas that
are difficult to access, unconfortable or far from where the goods are needed.
OnePick's operation is based on WMS software which amongst other things, also maps the location of the tray containers.

The gripper device is guided by this mapping an retrieves the requested items autonomously.
This type of automatic transport system will then be able to convey the retrieved materials to another location, even if far away.

OnePick is available in these models:


Modula Sintes 1

The Sintes 1 automated vertical lift module optimises the use of available space, even when this is limited.
It is characterised by a modern, elegant design with external panels in plastic-coated steel, all created on
a technologically advanced production line.

Technical Data

Modula offers 4 different bay configurations. Internal bays are the ideal solution when space is at a premium.
The external bay makes the operators's work easier, even when using mechanical aids such as hoists and
manipulators, improving the ergonomics of the work station.
A single delivery level is the best solution when the machine will only be accessed sporadically,
or when the operator picking time is very short.
Dual delivery is the ideal configuration for a fast-paced picking operation, as ith increases productivity.

Modula Sintes 1 is available in this models:

  • Sintes 1.3
  • Sintes 1.7

Modula Cube

Modula Cube is an automated horizontal lift storage system, that is the ideal solution for high
value items in low ceiling applications.

Modula Cube is made up of multiple modules to build its overall lengh, where trays are stored
in two columns within each module, one at the front and the other at the rear.

Trays are transported between modules to operators at the access opening area via a shuttle that
travels both vertically and horizontally within the unit.

Technical Data

Trays move from the rear of the unit to the access opening location at the base of the modules.
In essence it acts much like a traditional VLM as far as storage is concerned, but we also have
the ability to transfer trays between modules for a longer machine instead of only storing items vertically.

Product height measurement light curtains for measuring incoming items:

  • Personal protection safety light curtains at the access opening area to prevent injury when trays are
    being delivered or returned
  • Automatic doors or the access opening area
    The picking bay area featureslighting to allow for easy viewing of items

Modula Slim

All benefits of a VLM in the space of a vertical carousel.

Modula Slim is the smart choice for anyone looking for a vertical storage solution with complete fexibility.

Technical Data

Vou can store all sorts of materials and products in your Modula Slim: loose materials, containers

(boxes, bins, packs, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, flasks.

The best of the LIFT technology built in a:

  • 3m2 of floor space
    1,6 m depth

What Modula Slim can do for you?

  • Recovers floor space, making the most of storage density
  • Reduces picking times
  • Makes materials accessiable to all operators, quickly and ergonomically
  • Keeps stock levels and all warehouse items under control
  • Integrates easily into your company precesses by communicating with all ERP systems
  • Tracks picking and refilling operations, identifying who did what and controls every access
  • Eliminates picking and refilling errors by guiding the operator through the process

Make use of all the space inside your Modula Slim withoust limits or constraints

  • Total payload is up to 25.000 kg with 7 meters in height and more than 1,6 meters in depth
  • You can make use of all the available space in your VLM thanks dynamic tray heigh stroage:
    ther are no fixed heights as the Modula Slim calculates the best place to put the trays and eliminates
    any wasted space between them
  • With Lift technology and the way the elevator moves, there are no issues with unbalanced loads unlike with carousel systems
  • Energy consumption is relatively low: less than 1,.2 kW/h
  • You can choose to power the warehouse with a three-phase (400V) or a single-phase (230V)